Lyrics: Arrivals & Departures


Feels like spring has wandered in
And I’m just hanging with my friends
Til I get a glimpse of you
You make me nervous you make me smile
While we talk for a while
Can I sit next to you?

I think I’m crazy about you
I think I’m crazy about you
There’s nothing that I can do
Cause I’m so crazy about you

I feel a storm in the air
But I no longer care
Cause I’m sitting next to you
It’s crazy and it’s sane
Nothing to lose so much to gain
As I’m sitting next to you

The night is young, drunk on life
My cheeks feel warm and I feel alright
Cause I’m sitting next to you
Conversations, I look in your eyes
It’s all crazy, wonderful night
I like sitting next to you

La Ti Da
Things are lookin alright today
The sun is shining I’m feeling okay
My chin is up , my spirit is high
Pretty sure that I could fly

So I sing la ti da ti da

Things are finally right for me
The sun is shining, I’m feeling free
My heart is whole and I can finally breath
The horizon I can finally see

Things are finally going swell
The sun is shining, I’m feeling well
My mind is totally clear I can feel the happy coming back to me

Things are looking brighter and I’m feeling better

Please don’t look at me that way
I’ve got nothing left to say
We’ve gone through it everyday
It’s finally time I’m on my way

You had your chance and you lost it fast
I told you a hundred times what it’d take to be mine

When you look back you’ll have regrets
But I don’t regret it once you’ve left
I’ll just regret the day we met
That I didn’t play better defense

Look at me I’m feeling free
Feels pretty good takin care of me
Don’t need no one to help me be
Now that I know what I didn’t see

I won’t play the fool for you
The only fool here is you

Gedge’s Song
Why do you keep me cooped up all day
When you know I want to go out and play
I want to run in the yard and chase the birds away
Oh won’t you just let me out today

I promise that I’ll come right back
And I promise I won’t go on a critter attack
It’s just there’s so much adventure to be found
And I just can’t seem to find it when I’m in the house

Oh won’t you let me out for the day
I promise to be back and I mean what I say

I just can’t wait to go out and make friends
With the other little creatures around the bend
You’ll see how well behaved I am
When I’m out in the neighborhood with my friends

I wait patiently everyday
Hoping you’ll realize it’s better this way
You see I’m not meant to be an indoor cat
I want to go out where the action is at

Nights Like These
Rain falls on a summer’s night
Cigarette smoke and wet grass fills the air
Memories fading in and out
I miss nights like these

I looked in your eyes tonight
And I saw something crazy
The way they drew me in
And I wondered where you came from

Stars fill a summer’s night
Warm breeze across my face
Oh how the music cleansed our souls
I miss nights like these

I can smell the water on a summer’s night
The sand between my fingers
The saves crashing in and out
As the days go by

Another week of inclement weather
Got happy lights but I don’t feel any better
It’s been 16 days without even a ray of sun
And I’m not sure which way to run

Oh I need summer, please bring me summer
Carefree sunny days, warm breeze across my face
Oh bring me summer, I need summer
Carefree sunny days, warm breeze across my face

Sad think is it’s only January Fourth
And we’ve got at least two months more
And actually since we’re in Michigan
Summer may never begin

Had as much of this weather as I can take
Book me a plane to the sunshine state
Cause it’s been 16 days without even a ray of sun
And this snowbird is ready to run

Chasing Fireflies
Sun has set it’s getting kind of dark out here
The moon is rising a soft breeze comes over me

I hear the crickets singing their night song
The wheat grass sways and tries to sing along

Chasing fireflies in the dark oh yeah
Their blinking lights shine so far away
Running free under the starts oh yeah
No one can ever catch me out here

We sit side by side pondering the things of life
Watching them blink quickly and fly off into the night

Fireflies so pretty Fireflies making me happy
Look at this night, beautiful here, dreamy as can be
This is what its all about

Day Dreaming back to my days of youth
evenings spent on Maple Street
Running through the neighborhood

Whirling falling under your spell
I’ll try not to show it so you can’t tell
I first got to know you than I noticed you
Your mannerisms blended with mine and took over

There is a gloom coming over you
I didn’t hear you and it’s not that I meant not to
Your lips smell like honey when your face is close to mine
I think I could make you happy at least for some time

Raspberries Strawberries
I’ve got you here with me
How could I be so lucky

You came into this world laughing
How strange that must have been for who brought you in
Around every corner you run into me
You walk through the backgrounds of all my dreams

We found a house on a hill
That we will completely rebuild
All the walls and floors and hallways
I want you with me all of my days

Fall Day
There’s something about a cool fall day
Reminds me of football games
Cold bleachers and popcorn
Blankets to keep me warm

I still don’t remember any plays
Don’t remember if we won that day
I just remember everything felt right
Even the artificial lights

Boy crazy even then
Looking for attention
Hoping you will notice me
See what no one else can see
Boy crazy even then
Looking for attention
Hoping you will notice me
See what no one else can see

Under the bleachers you stole a kiss
I looked up to the stars and made a wish
That this moment would never end
And we’d be together til the end

Young love comes and young love goes
Exciting and new passion filled woes
As the screams and cheers fill my ears
I remember it after all these years

Somewhere between pleasure and pain
Awaits a shelter from this toxic rain
Somewhere between real and pretend
A voice calls us back from our dead end
Guiding and healing our injured souls

Somewhere between right and wrong
Is a quiet place where we belong
Somewhere between friends and lovers
Our guardian angel hovers
Watching and waiting to guide us home

Unspoken words
Louder than sirens
Blaring into our ears

Unfinished deeds of reassurance
Eclipsed by unfounded fears

Dormant dreams
Tragically silent
Floating in a stream of tears

Somewhere in the chaos of love
Is a clearer vantage point above
Somewhere in our heads and hearts
A new path to friendship starts

Follow it with me
And let the journey take us
Where we’re meant to be

Always got something snappy to say
Doesn’t matter how good it is anyway
You want everything to go your way
But you can’t have it this time, no not today

This is me, if you want it
This is me, I won’t change it
This is me, no excuses
So keep your judgments to yourself

Thing is if you were more perfect
I might be convinced to change I guess
But you’re not even close
So clean up your own mess and leave me to mine

You don’t know anything about me
You think everything is about you
I see through all of your white lies
Will you ever realize
Just who you are
You’re not a movie star

Your head is so big I swear
I wonder how it made it through the door
I don’t want you coming round no more
Cause I’ll never add up to what you want and that’s just fine

A Hundred Patterns

Rock n’ Roll Girl
i’m gonna be a rock n roll star
gonna play my electric guitar
and i’m gonna finally quit my job
show the world what i got
i’m gonna travel around the world
gonna be a rock n roll girl
and i’m gonna get out of this town
cause this place is bringing me down
me and my guitar baby we’ll go far
i’m gonna go where the music is
gonna hang with the rock n roll kids
i’m gonna walk down the street
and the boys will throw flowers at my feet
i’ll be on top of the world
gonna be the rock n roll girl
i’m gonna be greater than you thought i could be
and you won’t believe that it’s me