Lyrics: A Hundred Patterns


I Wanna Know
i wanna know i wanna know
what you think about me
am i number one on your list or am i thirty three
cause i wanna know what goes on in your head
are we heading for forever or is this already dead
and i wanna know what you’re feeling inside
is this really happiness
or do you have something to hide
i wanna know i wanna know
what you think about me
will i be your forever girl or will you just replace me
i wanna know i wanna know
what you think about me
will you hold my hand in public
or be embarrassed of me

Forever & A Day
i miss you, you’re so cute
been gone an hour and i feel sad
i’m glad you’re coming back, wish it was today
and i want you to stay, with me forever and a day
it’s just me and the kitties
bella’s asleep, purring next to me
turn on the tv, the house seems empty
friday night all alone, i don’t want to stay home
can’t wait for sunday, only two more days
you’ll be back home, i won’t be all alone

Sunday Song
heavy heart on a sunday morning
the winds are blowing i can feel the warning
leaves are changing there’s a chill in my soul
it’s time to pack my bags, i’m ready to go now
a hundred winters, keeps getting harder
my heart is heavy as the sky gets darker
i know i’ve got to get out of this madness
too many days overcome by sadness
heavy heart on a sunday morning
feeling so alone, i’ve fot no one to talk to
another day and i’m missing you
you were the only one who could ever break through
heavy heart on a sunday morning
hoping that the sun can brighten my soul
cause there’s not much light left in me
the sun’s the only thing that can help me to breath

Ralphy Rodriguez
I love you on tv
you make me wanna scream
i get all giddy inside
seeing your face keeps me alive
maybe you don’t know me
but i feel it just the same
you were meant for me
and i know you’ll feel the same way
i bought every magazine
i know you’re the boy for me
you’re like a dream come true
i just want to be with you
i know you’re the one for me
it came to me in a dream
you’re the one, you’re the one for me
i saw you in concert
just last december
when you sang our eyes met
i knew it was forever

Bat in the Kitchen
413 parker, eating a bowl of count chocula
did your neighbors sell their house yet
they’re the ones with two small dogs as pets
round round and round in a figure eight
don’t know how he got in but it sure is late
we moved the tv downstairs
the only things that’s left is a couple chairs
now we’ve got lots of room to play
we can stretch our arms and legs
you woke me up at 2:38
but now i know i know i’m wide awake
i can see you behind the plastic
i can see him whirling in the air
we don’t want to hurt you
we just want to get you outside
we don’t want to hurt you
we just want to help you fly
crazy bat in the kitchen
take this fabric and get him on his way
crazy bat in the kitchen
he has to know he can’t stay

Happy Place
tell me have you had the day i’ve had
i’m so exhausted i can hardly stand
my eyelids are close to shutting
and i can’t quite remember
what i was saying
so here’s a drink to get me through
cheers my darling, from me to you
i know it’s sad, but what have i left
and god only knows
what will happen next
it’s been a long day, perhaps a long year
yes i know we’re into it two weeks dear
but i’m pretty sure that i’ve reached that point
and i’m about to lose my mind
i’m starting to ramble on merrily
kind of scary what’s happening to me
i’m going to my happy place
where none of this will ever happen again

Porch Swing
i really think i love you
i just don’t know how to tell you
i’m afraid of what you’ll say
every day i think about you
i wonder what you’re doing
are you thinking about me
cause i need a boy who wants to runaway with me
and i really think you’re just the kind of boy i need to be with me
i wonder what you dream of
is it you and me together
holding hands on the beach
or are we growing old together
talking bout the weather on our porch swing
i really think i love you
but i’m afraid of what you’ll say

i was playing in the snow today
somehow i didn’t mind the cold
and for a minute thought you’d melt away
and then i started feeling old
a bright sunday afternoon
chasing our cares away
the sun is beating down
and the snow is melting away
we made a snowman then we built a fort
so we could hide out from the world
we drank martinis in our thermoses
and talked until the sun went down
another winter’s day’s got me feeling kind of gray
i look at you and then i look away
maybe winter’s not as bad as they say
spring has come and now the snow is gone
and though the flowers look real fine
the only thing i can think about
is snow reflecting in your eyes

i’ve got a hundred patterns
i don’t even know where to begin
putting the pieces together
i’m hoping to make a pretty dress
one that will make me feel the best
but i know that it’s not real
and if i look pretty, maybe then he’ll see me from across the room
pretty, pretty, pretty
maybe if i were pretty, i would be happy
looking through the magazines
maybe if i looked like her
if i had no curves
happy happy, maybe if i were happy
pretty wouldn’t matter

Sugar Sweet
oh baby you’re sugar sweet
and you’re loving knocks me off my feet
baby, you know that it’s true
i can see it when i look at you
oooh, yeah you’re just about my everything
oooh, yeah you’re just about my everything
you make me heart pitter patter
this kind of loving makes nothing else matter
baby don’t you ever leave cause
everything’s cool when you are here with me
oh babe you make my eyes light up
and you’re loving is just enough
baby, you know that it’s true
nothing matters when i’m here with you
oh babe you make my world spin
and you’re loving is where it begins
oh how i need you so
you can bet, i’ll never let you go